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Building a Cold Chain Management IoT Solution

Illustration: © IoT For All Transporting temperature-sensitive products, from bananas to vaccines, is inherently risky. The improper temperature during shipment can spoil food and render medicine ineffective, leading to consumer safety issues. Rejecting mishandled shipments carries an enormous economic cost. Supply chain experts estimate that a single shipment by refrigerated truck (or …

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NanoLock Security and Adesto® Collaborate to Deliver Powerful Flash-to-Cloud Security for IoT Devices

Nitzanei Oz, Israel – February 19, 2020 – NanoLock Security, the market leader of flash-to-cloud protection for IoT and connected edge devices, announced it is joining with Adesto Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: IOTS) to collaborate on flash-based embedded security and management solutions for low-density flash memory devices used in products such as smart meters, …

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What Is Cellular IoT?

You might be unable to answer the question, “what is cellular IoT?” But I’m sure you’re familiar with the underlying technology. Cellular networks connect your iPhone to Google Maps, Instagram, and Email; they carry your voice through the air. But gone are the times when we want to connect only …

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Role of IoT in HVAC

Illustration: © IoT For All Implementation of the “Internet of Things” in the modern world is gaining pace at breakneck speed. Society is moving away from standalone devices and entering the realm of inter-connectivity. With uses in different facets of life, such as personal gadgets, retail, electricity distribution and financial …

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